Golden Dawn Gallery is the Exclusive Estate Representative for both Pablita Velarde and Helen Hardin.

The Gallery features the work of Pablita Velarde, Helen Hardin and Margarete Bagshaw

They are the only known three generational family of full-time, professional, female painters.


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Margarete’s Museum Show video

Margarete Bagshaw’s newest paintings
   MB - Modular Linguistics web             MB - Symphonic Sunset web

“Modular Linguistics” 30″ X 24″           “Symphonic Sunset” 36″ X 48″ oil on panel  SOLD

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 8.54.49 PM  MB - Chakra Girl-web

       “Positively Thinking” 48″ X 60″ oil on linen                            “Chakra Girl” 60″ X 48″ oil on linen


MB Mandala               MB - Clown Magic

“Mandala” 30″X24″ oil/panel               “Clown Magic”

                                                          20″X16″ oil/panel



                    “The Color Of Oil”

                          60″ X 48″   oil on Belgian linen


                                              “Collecting My Thoughts”             

                                        48″ X 60″   oil on Belgian linen   


             “Spinning In Four Directions”            

                       36″ X 36″   oil on Belgian linen 




Consignment resale

pastel c.1994

30″ X 21″ – Stunning!!

Helen Hardin talking about her “Changing Woman Series”  
If You Missed Margarete’s Smithsonian Lecture – here it is!!
  Margarete Painting Large! 
Margarete’s response to male artist(s) advice! (09/2007) 
Pablita Velarde making her Earth Pigment paints 
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