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Pablita Velarde – In Her Own Words” written by Dr. Shelby Tisdale

Helen Hardin – A Straight Line Curved” written by Kate Nelson

Teaching My Spirit To Fly”  memoirs by Margarete Bagshaw


These are not art books or coffee table books, but rather, more academic, life stories with family photos and some artwork. 

There’s lots of background information, comedic stories, and just the right amount of intrigue and scandal!


Listen to the 3 authors being interviewed: (click on each name to listen)

NPR host Susan Lubet interviewed each of Margarete, Kate, and Shelby during our Premier Book dinners last week –

here are the interviews and a book reading by each author

Margarete Bagshaw “Teaching My Spirit to Fly”

Kate Nelson “Helen Hardin: A Straight Line Curved”

Shelby Tisdale “Pablita Velarde: In Her Own Words” 


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