Golden Dawn and 3D Gallery shows the work of:

Pablita Velarde, Helen Hardin, and

Margarete Bagshaw.

They are the only known three generational, full-time, 

professional, female painters.

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We have moved to a new location. Call for an appointment.

The Helen Hardin etching show “Spirit Lines” is traveling to museums around the country.

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“Spirit Lines” catalogue (click)

Kate Nelson’s awesome talk on Pablita Velarde, Helen Hardin and Margarete Bagshaw. Here’s the link…

and the Helen Hardin show video…

There’s a coffee table book with all of Margarete’s paintings from August, 2009 to her last painting in December of 2014 – 210 paintings in total!

    MB - WMoF - Cover - 6-8

 Purchase the book here –

Bronze statue of Margarete from Ancestral Procession

Life-Size Bronze statue of Margarete
         from Ancestral Procession

Click the link immediately below to see what we have available by Margarete Bagshaw…

MB Inventory Catalogue

Here are some of Doylene Land’s paintings:

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Margarete at work painting over the last 5 years..